IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR PREPAID CUSTOMERS – We have made some changes for better visibility on pricing and ADDITIONAL TRACKING available on satchel deliveries. Please see below to see what changes have occurred and how this affects you.


All Prepaids

Same Day Delivery – This option has been moved from Additional Services to the Service Level section. Where you would usually select “Prepaid”, please select “Same Day Delivery (within cut-off)” when required. Please ensure the Same Day option is selected to ensure Same Day delivery.

Service Level Selection – It is now required that the Service Level be selected from the Customer Price section in the bottom right hand side of the booking screen. This is to help ensure that our customers are choosing the best price for their deliveries at every opportunity and are aware of any additional charges prior to dispatching. If you miss this step, a reminder will pop-up before allowing you to proceed.

Additional Charge Notifications – If any charges are incurred after booking (such as Redelivery, Underdeclared Satchel etc) you will receive an email notification to advise the additional funds have been charged to your account.

Reminder – You can check all transactions on your account at any time by clicking “Any Zone” under Pre Paid Balances in the Consignment Creation screen. If you would like an any assistance with this screen or regarding any prices, please contact our Customer Service team.



Labels – When booking satchels to certain areas, the label that is created will be for the onforwarding carrier. For example, a 3kg satchel to rural QLD will now produce a Startrack label. Your pick-up process will be exactly the same as previously, please print the label, ready for our driver to collect.

Max 1 Item per Booking & Dimensions Required – For all bookings made with the satchel services, there is a maximum quantity of 1 item per booking and dimensions are required. We have added freight descriptions with pre-filled weights and dimensions for easier entering.

Custom Descriptions – If you use your own packaging and would like to have an option with your usual weight and dimensions pre-filled, please contact our Customer Service team at

Underdeclared Satchels – If a satchel is over the weight or size to the service selected, an additional charge will be incurred. Until now, our team would contact our customers to advise service upgrade required prior to onforwarding. As this step is now removed, any underdeclared items will not be captured until they have travelled through the onforwarders’ network. The additional fee will be added once we receive notification from the onforwarder (usually within 2 weeks). As mentioned above under Additional Charge Notifications, you will receive an email alert to advise the additional funds have been charged to your account.

Additional Tracking – We’re excited to announce that the main reason for all of the above changes is that we have extended tracking capabilities to outside of our local & Sydney networks. Whenever an onforwarders’ label (eg. Startrack) pops up on booking, you will now be able to see full tracking within your login and your customers may also use the consignment number to track via our website, all the way from pick-up through to delivery.



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